Announcing: Workshops!

Hello everyone! We are happy to announce the following exciting workshops for THATCamp Bay Area 2011. Session times are listed here. (Workshop session times may change.)

Google Geo APIs
Josh Livni
Workshop Session 1
Room TBA

Participants will learn how to create a project from start to finish using Google Geo APIs.

Omeka for Beginners
Dave Lester
Workshop session 2
Room TBA

Designed with non-IT specialists in mind, Omeka is a free, flexible, and open source web-publishing platform for the display of library, museum, archives, and scholarly collections and exhibitions. Its “five-minute setup” makes launching an online exhibition as easy as launching a blog.

Augmented Reality for Poets
Gene Becker
Workshop session 2

Augmented reality (AR) overlays digital media onto the physical world and creates physical hyperlinks on images and objects, which you experience through your mobile phone. In this hands-on workshop we will introduce the basics of AR, and then you will learn how to create your own AR experiences using the new Layar Vision platform. We will explore both location-based and image recognition based AR. This session will be of interest to artists, historians, curators, archivists, journalists, architects, urban designers, and yes poets. No technical knowledge or equipment is required, but for the full hands-on experience you’ll want to have access to a laptop and a modern smartphone (iPhone 4, iPad2 or Android phone running version 2.2 or higher).

Intro. to QGIS
Cyrus Hiatt
Workshop session 3
Room TBA

This workshop will provide an introduction to Quantum Geo-spatial Information Systems (QGIS), an open-source GIS software. No prior knowledge of GIS is assumed.

Introduction to Gephi
Elijah Meeks
Workshop session 4
Room TBA

Gephi is an interactive visualization and exploration platform for all kinds of networks and complex systems, dynamic and hierarchical graphs.

History Pin
Jon Voss
Workshop session 4
Room TBA

Historypin ( is a public history project developed by London non-profit We Are What We Do in partnership with Google and over a hundred cultural heritage institutions worldwide. The project aims to bring millions of people together around historical content and the stories and recollections behind it. The free site and mobile smartphone apps enable users to pin content in place and time, as well as layer street level content onto Street View. This workshop will walk through the major features of the site and app, give a tutorial on pinning photos, and give an overview of Historypin’s collaborative education and community outreach programs. We’ll also preview forthcoming features specific to our institutional partnerships.

Organizing Your Research with Google Apps
Andy “Rufus” Rothfusz
Workshop session 5
Room TBA

Learn how to store, share, and organize data through Google Apps! Participants will explore what is possible through existing user-friendly web pages and try extending and specializing things to meet their own needs–everything from drag-and-drop file organization to scripting. We will also look at some of the heavier mail, spreadsheet, and document APIs, just to see what is possible.

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DIY Bookmarks!

How to create your own THATCamp Bay Area 2011 Bookmark:

1. Download image
2. Print (for best results, use 50-80 lb. vellum)
3. Cut
4. Enjoy

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Applications now open!

We are pleased to announce that applications are now open for THAT Camp Bay Area 2011! The deadline is August 31st, and acceptances will go out in early September. Click here to apply. See you soon in Mountain View!

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Bootcamp fellowships

For THATcamp Bay Area 2011, we are organizing our Bootcamp sessions around the themes of GIS, spatial analysis, and maps. If you are in the Bay Area, are knowledgeable in any of these fields, and would like to share your expertise at a bootcamp session, please contact us at gro.a1529721213eraya1529721213bpmac1529721213taht@1529721213ofni1529721213.

Any THATcamp participant may attend a Bootcamp session, but we also offer several small fellowships for Bootcamp attendees. For more information, and to apply for a Bootcamp fellowship, please see Applications will open soon!

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THATcamp Bay Area 2011 @ Google

We are pleased to announce that the second annual San Francisco Bay Area THATcamp will be held Oct. 22-23, 2011, hosted by Google. Applications will open soon!

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