Notes from Ethics and Data Visualization Session

Notes and questions (Please Feel Free to add to this list)

Are designers responsible for questioning the sources of their data?

Should they make public their conscious omissions/methodolgy /problems with presenting the data?

What ethics should designers employ when presenting source data?

Questions of aggregation and curation?

Every map implies a set of choices. Every map makes an argument. In some ways, every map is a lie. How fine grained is the data available?

How accurate is crowd-sourcing and how can this be used to counter/augment official records?

Teachers using “bad data” to teach about validity of sources? Starting with wiki and spark notes to question quality of source?

What are the edges of creating a context for our data?

How do you create a culture of data skepticism? Data Literacy is the future of media literacy!

Sources we talked about:
Home and Away:
Crisis Mappers:
Apps for Development:

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