Ching-chih Lin

  • Assistant Professor
  • National Chengchi University, Taiwan

2014/07: Interested in cultural history, religious history, environmental history, and oral history, I am learning how to apply methods of the digital humanities in the study of late imperial, modern, and contemporary China. Visual arts and material culture of Chinese popular religion particularly interest me. Any better idea to analyze them? You are welcome to instruct me.

2011/10: A Ph.D. candidate in the department of history, I research the interplay between environmental change and cultural transformation by centering on a community of environmental refugees in north China. During my fieldwork and archival study, I used camera, camcorder, GPS, digital recorder, and laptop to manage my research materials which are organized by several computer programs, such as ArchGIS, EndNote, Onenote, Acrobat, etc. I hope to learn more about how to apply technology in the humanities and social sciences.