Albert Wu

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My interest in technology is an accident of birth. My father is a physicist and has been, since my earliest recollections, an avid adopter of tech gadgets. When I was six years old, my family moved from the U. S. to Hsinchu, Taiwan, dubbed the "Silicon Valley" of Taiwan, which was becoming one of the major hubs for semi-conductor manufacturing in the world. So I was surrounded by technology from an early age -- all of my friends had parents in the tech and tech-related industries. One of my fondest teenage memories was of assembling our family's first computer from scratch with my brother, learning all the pieces of a motherboard is, trying to find the best deals for the different parts, and troubleshooting all of the software problems until the computer finally booted. I vividly remember the feeling of elation when the successful boot screen appeared on the monitor. From a fairly early age, I experienced how an investment in technology could be a simultaneously frustrating, liberating, and immersive experience.