Web archiving / zotero translators

Two proposals to consider:

Workshop: Writing a Zotero translator

If there is interest, I would be happy to teach campers how to write a Zotero translator using the translator framework. No coding experience required (I hope; this may be wishful thinking!), though knowledge of Zotero would help.

General discussion: Web archiving

I can give a brief introduction to web archiving. Then I would love to have an open discussion of what uses web archives can be put to.

I look forward to seeing all of you next week!

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I am the tech lead on the Web Archiving Service at the California Digital Library. I have a background in history.

10 Responses to Web archiving / zotero translators

  1. ChloƩ says:

    Hi Erik! It would be so great if you could provide a streaming channel (or make a recorded video) of your workshop, we are also very interested in web archiving here in France šŸ™‚

  2. egh says:

    Hi ChloĆ©: I’ll see what we can do. In the worst case we can probably use a laptop to record the session. -Erik

  3. adam.smith says:

    Eric – as you probably know, Avram gave very effective translator writing courses based on your framework – that’s pretty doable with pretty limited coding experience. I wouldn’t try to teach non-framework translators unless you have a lot of time.

  4. egh says:

    Hi Sebastian – Thanks for the reminder. I’ll check with Avram to see if he has any tips. I won’t touch non-framework translators, especially because I know very little about them!

  5. Avram Lyon says:

    This should be a good experience– custom translators can really be a game-changer for anyone working significantly with online resources. I’d focus on showing that translators can be a quick way to automate any kind of tedious work online, especially if it, as DH people often find, involves harvesting a lot from one resource. It even ties in with web archiving, in that basic translators can stand in for web archiving tools for people whose interests are relatively limited in scope.

    I’d love to come up to the Bay Area to drop in, but I’m busy next weekend. I could run an encore edition here in SoCal if there’s interest.

  6. egh says:

    Thanks for the info, Avram! I’m sorry you won’t be able to make it up.

  7. Tim Ruckle says:

    I would LOVE to learn more about Zotero translators. Which day/time are you talking about here? I’m coming from Berkeley but won’t be able to make both days…

  8. egh says:

    Hi Tim – Unfortunately we won’t know until the camp is planned, but if you miss it I’m sure we can figure something out.

  9. jeffreycwitt says:

    I’d love to get an introduction to web-archiving. I working on a “digital critical edition” that is “progressively” published. i.e. can be updated and perfected as more readers review it, use it, and make comments. Having an archive system (similar to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) would really help with stable citations, even as new editions emerge.

  10. egh says:

    Hi Jeffrey – Great! You might want to have a look at the Memento project, which attempts to provide a uniform interface for users to browse previous versions of web sites & to link to stable URLs of previous versions of a page.

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