Some lodging information

Here are some links to hotels in the Mountain View area.

The Marriot on El Camino Real:

Hampton Inn on Moffett Blvd, which should be very close to the event:,1HLHTKnCz7shbc9llT50C1QPqkRKvL9rnTVhBcLDJJycVWG80Rp8!-1725667317!1317711554159&ctyhocn=NUQCAHX

Hilton Garden on El Camino Real:,1HLHTKnCz7shbc9llT50C1QPqkRKvL9rnTVhBcLDJJycVWG80Rp8!-1725667317!1317711554159&ctyhocn=SJCMVGI

For some luxury, the Four Seasons Palo Alto, which is right off the

(Note: We did not arrange any special accommodations with these hotels.)

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2 Responses to Some lodging information

  1. Anne Trubek says:

    Hey–I’m flying in for THATCamp and all the hotels you list above, and all the others I’ve searched for, are sold out. I even struck out on Airbnb. Anyone have any other suggestions? I am trying not to rent a car (flying into SFO).

  2. bayarea2011 says:

    Hi Anne, The hotel situation is tough due to a music festival that weekend. But if you check the parking and transportation page, there are some discussions of carpooling — you might still be able to avoid renting a car.

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